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The secret is the power of pure orange peel oil (d’limonene), a natural bug killer that is perfectly harmelss to humans and pets. In fact, this key ingredient is even regarded as safe in human foods, according to the FDA. That's right: It's so safe, you could eat it!

As for annoying insects, spray it once and those bugs are gone! Flies, roaches and ants are all killed on contact, and spiders and mosquitoes are effectively repelled. Spray it directly onto skin or fur, or use it as a barrier/repellent on tables, outdoor furniture and around the perimeter of decks and patios.

Safe N Natural is also a fast-acting and highly effective insecticide that will protect your garden from pests, so you won't have to use toxic chemicals. Perfect for anyone who grows their own herbs, vegetables or fruit because you can eat what you spray within a day.

OFFER DETAILS: Buy one large bottle of Safe N Natural Bug Spray for only $10.00 plus $6.99 P&H and get a second large bottle of Safe N Natural Bug Spray for FREE - just pay separate $6.99 P&H.

100% Safe to Use Around Kids, Pets & Even Food

Buy one large bottle of

Safe N Natural Bug Spray and as a


Get a 2nd large bottle!

Only $10.00 plus $6.99 P&H



You and your family want to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by bugs. But you don't want to spray foul-smelling chemicals you know can't be good for your health! Well, now there's a better way: Introducing Safe N Natural Bug Spray, the first bug spray made of all-natural ingredients that's 100% safe to use around kids, pets and even food!

Made of all-natural ingredients!

It's so safe, you could eat it!


Ants, Roaches, Flies, Spiders

& Mosquitoes

Great for gardens, too!

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